Keyboard Encoders

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KE18 Keyboard Encoder

PS/2 interface that will scan either 18 individual inputs or a 9 x 9 matrix. Port to pass through user's PS/2 keyboard

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KE24 Keyboard Encoder

Programmable PS/2 Interface scans a matrix up to 12 x 12, or as many as 24 individual inputs. RS-232 serial port

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KE72 Keyboard Encoder

PS/2 interface features 72 individual inputs. Keystrokes programmable as single keys or a macro sequence of up to 16 keys for each of the inputs

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KE72-T Keyboard Encoder

Our KE72 unit with the addition of a Trackball port that emulates PS/2 mouse action as well as the KE72 standard PS/2 keyboard emulation

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LP24 Keyboard Encoder

PS/2 interface scans any size matrix up to a 12 x 12. Programmable PS/2 Keystrokes and Row and Column pins

Use our keyboard encoders to generate keystrokes, mouse, and joystick action from pushbutton switches, toggle switches, keypads, membrane switches and more.   Keystroke actions generated from the input devices can be a single keystroke, a repeated keystroke, or even a sequence of keystrokes depending on the model.  

If you have a unique requirement for your application not covered in our standard product line, please contact us.  We can develop a customized solution quickly and affordably.