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Keyboard Encoders and Interface Products for Your Computer's, Mouse and USB Inputs. Hagstrom Electronics, Inc. designs and manufactures products which allow customers to interface with their computer's Keyboard, Mouse, USB and Serial inputs in a multitude of ways.

If you want to interface with your computer's input ports, you've come to the right place! We offer the BEST price/performance products in the keyboard encoder industry!

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Along with our selection of turn-key keyboard encoders and interface products, we also offer support services and custom builds for our customers.


Hagstrom Electronics, Inc. specializes in providing the customer with their exact needs, whether we develop all stages of your custom product, or any individual stage of the overall design.

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Our varied product offerings and customized solutions allow us to provide devices for a wide range of industries in every market.

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We offer full support on the products we sell both before and after you purchase. Check our support FAQ to get all the answers to your questions about our products

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Visit our online store and view our selection of keyboard encoders, interface products and more for Your keyboard, mouse and USB inputs

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