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We offer seven "standard" models in our Keyboard Encoder Line. Whether you are interfacing to your USB Port, PS/2 Keyboard Input, RS-232, or Keypads, one of these Encoders will fit your application.... and your budget!

Not sure what you need? Get tips on choosing your keyboard encoder.

----------------- USB Encoders -----------------

KE- USB108

This module emulates a USB keyboard, mouse, and joystick. 108 Individual programmable inputs in addition to a trackball input, spinner input, two rotary encoder inputs, and three analog inputs for joystick action. Excellent choice for PC gaming, flight sim applications and much more!


This module emulates a USB keyboard and scans a matrix up to 12 x 12. Programmable options make this product an excellent choice when interfacing off-the-shelf keypads to the USB port on the PC.


Programmable USB device which emulates both a USB keyboard and a USB mouse. Features 36 individual inputs which may be programmed to any standard keystroke or mouse button. Trackball interface is standard on this unit.

----------------- PS/2 Encoders -----------------


This PS/2 interface features 72 programmable inputs, an optional trackball interface and an RS-232 port. Perfect for PC gaming, flight sim applications, and more!


Our most popular unit, and the ultimate in flexibility! The KE24 interfaces keypads and switches to your PS/2 keyboard port. Inputs can be scanned as individual lines, a matrix, or a combination. The RS-232 port can translate received data into keystrokes.


A Solid Performer. Simple yet versatile, can scan 18 individual inputs or a 9x9 matrix. Options are jumper selectable so no programming is required. PS/2 keyboard interface.


Small size and programmability make this unit ideal for interfacing keypads and other devices to your PS/2 keyboard port. Configurable matrix scanning up to 12 x 12 provides a direct connection to many off-the-shelf keypads.

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