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ME4 Trackball and Spinner USB and PS/2 Mouse Emulator

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The ME4 is designed to interface a Trackball and/or Spinner to your computer's USB port or PS/2 mouse port. Signals from the Trackball and Spinner optics are converted into mouse protocol. The Trackball signals provide X and Y mouse axis movement, while the spinner may generate mouse scroll wheel movement or be merged with either the X or Y mouse axis based on jumper settings. Operation as USB or PS/2 is jumper selectable.

The ME4 features inputs which allow for the emulation of the standard mouse buttons for Left, Right, and Middle. To use these inputs, simply connect a switch to the desired input (Left, Right or Middle), and the other side of your switch to the common Ground connection.

The ME4 is jumper configurable. The Spinner signal may be jumpered to appear as X or Y mouse movement or the scroll wheel. In addition, the direction of each Trackball axis and the Spinner axis may be reversed using the direction jumpers provided on the ME4.

Product Details

  • Trackball and Spinner signal conversion to USB or PS/2 mouse protocol.
  • Looks like a Mouse to your PC!
  • Jumper selectable for USB or PS/2 operation.
  • Operate Trackball, Spinner, or both at the same time.
  • Jumper selectable Spinner to mouse X, Y, or scroll axis.
  • Jumper selectable Axis Direction for ease of installation.
  • Accepts active high and active low optics from Trackball and Spinner.
  • -CS option includes full cabling - (KE-MM6-mini or KE-USBMM6, KE-TBH3, KE-SP3, Mouse Button "Pigtail" cables)
  • Supplied with a detailed user manual
  • ME4 Price - $45.95 ea.

  • ME4-CS Price - $59.95 ea.


Accessories needed for Operation

Use a standard USB A-B type cable (our part # KE-USBMM6, $6.95) for USB port operation. For PS/2 operation, use a 6 pin Male/Male PS/2 cable (our part # KE-MM6-mini, $6.95) to connect from the ME4 to PS/2 mouse port on the PC.

We also offer a Trackball Interface cable (our KE-TBH3, $9.95), for connection of the ME4 to a Happ Controls Trackball, and a Spinner Interface cable (our KE-SP3, $5.95), for connecting to a spinner.

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